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  • DARC System - Automatic change of flow path (6 Overseas Patents)
  • Alarm message and ionization disabled during hot water inflow.
  • Exact calculation of filter durability with Flux control.
  • Extended range of pH selection and control.
  • Modern Design.
  • Product Features
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Product Specifications

Power Supply Transformer or SMPS
Power Consumption Max 150W or 250W
Dimension 65 x 380 x 175 (W x H x D)mm
Electrode 5, 7, 9 plate (Platinized Titanium)
Electrolysis Setting Strong Alkaline (1 Level), Alkaline (4 Level), Purified Water, Acidic Water (4 Level)
Cleaning Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning System (DARC)
pH Value pH 3.0(±0.5)~11(±0.5)
Display Method LED Module
Number of filters One Filter
Filter Media Activated Cabon Filter, UF Membrane Filter (Optional)
Filter Indicator LED Indicator
ON/OFF Valve Solenoid Valve